Instagram’s New ‘Post to Other Accounts’ Feature: All You Need to Know

Good news: Instagram has just rolled out a great feature for users with two or more accounts!

This cool ‘native re-gram’ feature lets you post the same content across multiple accounts at once. No more switching back and forth between accounts to publish similar posts!

This article will tell you what exactly this new feature is all about, how you can benefit from it. We’ve also included some useful tips to help you maximize your results.

Introducing ‘Post to Other Accounts’

The new ‘Post to Other Accounts’ feature will now let you select the accounts you’d like to share your post on from where you usually add tags and captions.

Previously, multiple account owners either posted similar content manually or relied on automation apps – like Later – to manage their accounts.

With this new feature, Instagram aims to create a better experience for users who own multiple accounts.

For now, it’s only going to be available for iOS users – Instagram hasn’t yet disclosed when the feature will be rolled out for Android.

Now, here’s how you can actually put that into action:

How to Post to Multiple Instagram Accounts at the Same Time

Here’s a quick step-by-step to help you quickly share your post across multiple accounts:

Step 1:

Select a photo/video and attempt to share the post on your account like you normally would.

Step 2:

On the screen where you can add tags and captions to your post, look for ‘Post to Other Accounts’ below the location option. This is what it looks like:


Source: Later

Step 3:

Under ‘Post to Other Accounts’, you’ll find a list of all the accounts connected to your Instagram. Simply select the specific accounts you want to share your post on using the toggle button next to each account’s name.

Quick Tips

Remember – with every great feature, comes great responsibility!

To make the most out of it, you need to know how to use the native re-gram option right.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind:

Post for a Similar Audience

Really – if you own two (or more) accounts that cater to different audiences, DO NOT use this feature.

That’s because you can’t change the caption and tags of the posts you share across multiple accounts. To make sure you get higher engagement with your posts, use this feature only if the audience of all your accounts is similar in terms of interests, demographics, and more.

If you don’t, you might only end up seeing results with one account and not the others!

Use the Feature Sparingly

While it is a convenient feature for many reasons, use it sparingly. You don’t want to come across as unauthentic and lazy, do you?

Posting original content that’s tailored to each account is the best way to see maximum results out of your posts. Sharing the same posts across multiple accounts over and over again might backfire against you!

Customize Repurposed Content

As we mentioned before, you can’t change the captions and tags for the posts you share to multiple accounts with this feature.

If you really want to use the same content across different accounts, we recommend that you customize your posts – changes can vary from changing your tags and captions to using different filters on different accounts.

Excited to Try Out This New Feature?

If you frequently post the same content to multiple accounts, this new feature will make things super easy for you.

Are you excited about this new feature? Let us know your thoughts and comments below!

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