Why is my Activity going so slow?

Instagram limits access to their API. If they don’t, people can abuse their access and spam the whole system. We work under Instagram rules and play safe. Our algorithm works within Instagram parameters.

Can I upload media while MegaFollow is working?

Absolutely. You can post as much media as you like.  There’s no restriction to it. We highly recommend to not comment, like, or follow/unfollow while MegaFollow is running. If you are actively engaging while MegaFollow is running, this may increase the chances that instagram will black list you and eventually close your account.

Why do I need to sign up using my Instagram's account username & password

That’s a great question. In order to automate your Instagram activities for you, we need to log in as you and work on your behalf , we can’t comment or like someone else media with other account.

Do I need to pay upfront?

No, our service is FREE for 3 days, and if you like the software you can buy en 1 -2 -3 days after your trial is over. There’s no credit card information upfront or any sensitive information. Our software is hassle free.

Type of payments

We are currently accepting Paypal or any credit card using stripe as our payment processing system. We NEVER store credit card information and everything is managed by secure and worldwide known financial institutions.

Does Megafollow work if I close my browser or shutdown the computer?

Yes, our software is designed to work while you are traveling, eating, sleeping, or simply enjoying life. Our servers will take care of everything

Why am I unable to edit/change my settings?

If you can’t edit your settings, please stop your activity and you will be able to edit your settings.

Why I can't follow more people?

Instagram has strict limit for following — 7500. Sometimes even unaccepted requests to private users also count as followings. In such cases, you will see your followings counter at about 7450 and you cannot follow any more people because there are outstanding 50 requests to private users.

How do I delete my Instagram username from your service?

Just click on the disconnect button on top and you’ll be deleted from our system. If you decide to sign up again we will create a new account for you.


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