Is it safe to use MegaFollow?
Yes, if you do it correctly.

We follow Instagram’s guidelines to automate tasks & protect your data. We will NEVER store your password. We only use it to connect to Instagram as you, and MegaFollow does the rest.

As entrepreneurs, we found that the best way to connect with users on Instagram is to interact with them. It’s hard work and time consuming so that’s why we created MegaFollow- a service that automates your tedious Instagram engagement activities and lets you focus on what you do best: post incredible pictures and content to attract followers and convert them into loyal customers!


Great! What do I need to start?

To start your activity we recommend having at least 5-10 images posted already on your Instagram. Imagine being a user that goes to your profile – if you don’t have any media, it’s very unlikely that they will follow you back.

Once you have your media, you will need to sign up to our platform. The first time you log in, it will take you around 30 seconds to customize your settings.

Ready, set, grow!

Once logged in, you will be able to see your settings. Follow the guided tutorial to customize your settings in seconds. You will first select your actions (likes, comment, follow, unfollow) and then you’ll be able to select your target audience.

You will get 3 days for free to try it out. After 3 days, you can decide if MegaFollow helped you with new followers and engagement.

Having a problem with Login? Feel free to contact us

After ypur 3-day trial, you can decide how many additional days you want to buy. We have several packages to choose from based on the number of days: 3, 10, 30, 90, 180, 360 days. Choose according to your needs and goals.

There’s no upfront commitment – you don’t need to pay or commit to any future payment. With MegaFollow, you can pay as you go.



We highly recommend not to use your Instagram to like, comment, follow or unfollow while also doing any of those actions on MegaFollow.

Ok, but why?
Instagram limits all the accounts to certain amount of calls to their database per user, if you exceed it, your account might get shut down.

Will I be able to post?
No worries, you will still be able to post as usual. In case you want to use Instagram to like, comment, follow or unfollow; you can stop the MegaFollow activity time on Instagram at any time.


How to choose your settings:


If you select Likes, you’ll be liking your target audience’s media and interacting with them. Leaving Likes is the minimum action we recommend you to do. This will help you start to get noticed.


If you select Comment, you will be commenting on other’s people media. For example, when someone uses the hashtag #foodie, you can leave a comment like: yumm! looks amazing. They will then check you out, and if they like your media, they will most likely follow you back!


Let’s say you are selling surfboards. If you select Follow, you will start following people that use (for example) #surfing on their media. You will know they are surfers and belong in your target market. Usually following generates more engagement.


Today, Instagram engagement is all about a “great ratio”. What does this mean? Let’s say you have 5000 followers, but you follow 7000 people? Well…it makes you look a little bad (trying too hard?) in the eyes of other Instagramers. But what happens if you have 5000 followers but only 200 that you’re following? You’ll be considered an influencer!


Please use the form below if you have any questions, comments or would like to give us some feedback. Your opinion is very important to us!

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